Thursday, April 7, 2011

Islander's lately

The past two weeks have been absolutely insane, so I apologize for not posting. I've been trying to get done everything I need to,(like figuring out why I've been having such a hard time posting pictures to this blog, then last week my car got hit by someone not paying attention in the school parking lot which has been an absolute disaster, and then my boyfriend has something wrong with him. I've spent half of this week in the doctor's offices and trying to find out what it is. But all that aside, I'm back. And it's time to catch you up. 3/26 and 3/31 were crazy games. The Islanders played against the Flyers and Rangers respectively. Anyone who knows hockey knows that those are two very difficult teams with very...interesting fans. This is entirely my own opinion, but I think that Philadelphia fans are the most obnoxious ones in the league in addition to being rude. The rivalry between the Islanders and both of these teams is a pretty big one. The stands were filled (admittingly more with fans from the other team) and security was out and very noticeable. The night of the Flyer game, although there was a large number of people there, I had a hard time getting enough pictures because there we SO many Flyer fans. Drunk Flyer fans. Intimidating, drunk Flyer fans.
No. Seriously. They're crazy.

I've been to Islander/Flyer games as a fan before getting this internship. The guys I hang around with have the same competitive rivalry with the other teams as most men, but they're generally very nice and not looking to start trouble. When the Flyers come to's a totally different story. And it gets scary sometimes. Knowing the kinds of people that tend to make the trip from Philly, I was extremely hesitant to ask many Flyer fans for pictures (which definitely limited the number of people that I was able to ask). You could say that by doing that I was being biased and hurting myself in the long run, but it only became more and more reaffirmed when one of my coworkers said that the Flyer fans he had been asking were being rude to him for even suggesting to be on the Islander website. I rest my case.

Needless to say- that game I didn't finish the number of packs I was supposed to. But the upside was that nobody else did either. I think I was able to finish 3, which was an accomplishment in my eyes.

The story from the Ranger game last week is definitely one for another day.

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