Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I decided to actually go in for the interview, even though it wasn't the internship that I wanted. I figured that I could at least ask questions about how to get it in the future. To be honest, walking into the interview I wasn't really all that nervous because the pressure of it being for my "dream internship" had gone.

I walked to the entrance of the executive offices, got buzzed in and began walking down the stairs. It wasn't until I entered the lobby painted in Islander blue and saw all of the blown up pictures of great Islander moments throughout the years that I got a little nervous. I still hadn't decided if I was even going to do this Fan Photo thing. Compared to the Media internship where the interns work with press conferences and press releases, (Public Relations written all over it) walking around Nassau Coliseum taking pictures of the fans seemed like nothing. Once I sat in the lobby waiting to be interviewed, I instantly decided that I would do it.
'It would have to have a benefit. It's something else to put on a resume. And when I reapply for the Media one, they'd notice I've interned for them before. My mom did say that they...what was it, "take care of their own" in the NHL. If it'll get me back in the future, I'll do it.'

My plan was seriously disrupted once I actually got into the interview. The woman I met with was very nice, don't get me wrong. I liked her. Everyone I met within the organization was nice, and they all worked closely together. It was just that when we were talking about the Media internship, the way she was talking made it sound like I had next to no chance of ever getting it, and that doing this one would have no influence over the decision. I walked away absolutely crushed, feeling like I could never get the opportunity that I wanted so badly. I was not looking forward to the woman in charge of the Fan Photo interns to call me the next day.

When she finally did call, it was like a second interview. She couldn't make it the day before and wanted a chance to talk to me. We talked about the Fan Photo internship, as well as the Media one. She actually made me feel a lot better and thought that it would definitely help me in the future. I didn't want to admit it the day before because I was disappointed, but I was going to take this internship even if it wasn't going to help me get where I wanted to go. This just made me feel even better about it.

So now all that's left to do is wait until the next home game on Saturday when I start. We'll all see how this goes.

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