Sunday, February 20, 2011

Audio Interviews

We'll be going on a bit of a tangent this week. At St. John's I'm currently taking a Mass Communications class. Throughout the semester we've been given various assignments which allow us to learn to utilize different technology used in communication. Recently, I was assigned to interview one of my classmates. The blog post today will be dedicated to that audio. As for my internship, the Islanders will be playing tomorrow afternoon which is sure to provide plenty of new experiences for me to talk about.

The following is a transcription of some of the highlights from the interview with my classmate Brendon Allen.

Q: What is your major?
A: Mass Communications with a minor in Photography.

Q: Do you know where you want to go with that major?
A: Um, not exactly. I kind of want to do some sort of online magazine or open a photography company or something like that.

Q: Do you have a job?
A: Yeah. Right now I'm working part time as a photographer and part time with T-Mobile. I basically help fit the customers for a phone that would help fit their every day life.

Q: Do you like doing that?
A: It's pretty fun. You get to see how much technology really gets to run the world.

Q: What is your blog about?
A: My blog is about my progression with my photography. It's me just talking about photo shoots I do, posting pictures, people I meet doing similar things. Also what kind of cameras or studio equipment to buy.

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