Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maple Leafs

When I arrive at the Coliseum, I walk down to the Executive Offices and meet in a conference room to receive my assignments for that particular game. Since Thursday was my second game, I walked around much more confident in knowing where I was going. I saw stairs to go down to what I thouht was the offices. Once I walked down the stairs, instead of seeing the door for the Executive Offices I saw about five of the players kicking a soccer ball around in a circle. I was never a hockey fan until I started dating my boyfriend, who is absolutely in love with the sport, but I've really grown to like it as well. Seeing the players that I've watched on TV for the past two years, some of which are my age, standing literally a foot away from me was a shock. I didn't want to look as starstruck as I was feeling so I just turned around and walked back up the stairs, trying not to get hit with the soccer ball. I figured that this would be a really good night if it started off with me bumping into John Tavares (the Islander draft pick from two seasons ago and current star) unexpectedly.

In general, there are four jobs to be given out each night. Someone needs to go around the concourse with Sparky, go up to the suites, go to the High Five area in front of the locker room, and finally go into the stands. After that, Sharon gives out the cards to give to the fans to see the pictures on the website. We are supposed to go through four stacks of about fifty cards.

On my first day, I started out with Sparky and then I got to go into the suites. Last week I said that getting assigned to go around with Sparky before the game was overwhelming and if I never had to do it again I would be a very happy intern. Thursday's game against the Maple Leafs completely changed my mind. Apparently the crowd for a weeknight game is a completely different scene than a weekend game. Even though going around with Sparky is a little bit insane, it draws people to you and you take a lot more pictures than if you're just on your own walking around. I wish I realized that before I asked to be given the suites the majority of the time.
That game was a rough game for me because I had a hard time getting the amount of pictures I was supposed to and I made a big mistake. Before we go out to the concourse for the night, we're supposed to take a picture of the first card of our first pack. After we finish that pack, we're supposed to take a picture of the first card of the next pack and so on. This is so when Sharon goes to upload the pictures to the website, she knows which ones belong in which gallery. By the time I finally reached my second pack, I was so discouraged about not getting very many pictures that I totally forgot about the picture of the card. This continued until I got to my third pack at the very end of the night. I felt awful when I went to tell Sharon what I did, but she wasn't angry. She just asked me to point out which pictures I thought were the start of each gallery. To be honest, I really wasn't sure. I tried to pick out where I thought I might have, but I really don't know if what I said was even close to accurate. Hopefully when the fans go to see their picture, they can find it.

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