Monday, March 14, 2011

Past 4 Games

There have been 4 home games since my last entry on my internship. The team has gone 3-1 in that stretch of time and the only loss was in a shootout. (For those of you who aren't hockey savvy, if the game is tied after regulation time runs out, the game goes to a 5 minute overtime period. If after that there is still no score, the teams go to a shootout.)

Last time, I spoke about how frustrating dealing with some of the other interns can be sometimes. As much as I feel bad about getting aggravated, it does help that I'm not the only one in the office that sees it. It also helps to know that the behavior that gets me so angry isn't directed only at me. The last few games, that particular intern was away on vacation. If I'm going to be truthful here, those games went much better than my games usually go. I guess it's mainly because I finished all 4 of my card packs 3 games in a row. (Let's have a short moment of celebration.)

My plan for this week's blog was to blog about different things that have happened over the past 3 games, but mainly focusing on Friday's game against Boston (3/11) since it would be the most recent. My plan was interrupted once I woke up sick on Friday and ended up not being able to go to the game. I've been given High Fives much more lately for some reason. So I figured that now is as good of a time as any to talk about and post pictures of what the High Five area is like.

Obviously each game is different because you get a different set of fans at each game. I'd like to think though, that after 2 months of this internship I've gained a general idea of what happens during what days. I've mentioned earlier that weekend games are much more energetic and much more crowded (well, for the Islanders) than weeknight ones. This goes for High Fives also. Another thing that I've noticed in doing High Fives is that how many people you get depends on what point in the game it is. There tend to be more people in between periods than there are for the pre-game. Generally, this area is younger kids with their parents, out of town-ers, or birthday parties. In case I haven't mentioned it, the High Five area is right outside the Islander locker room. The kids get a chance to line up against a barrier and high five the players on their way onto and off of the ice at various points in the game. The ones we're responsible for taking pictures of are as they go out for warm-ups, as they come in from warm-ups, the start of the 2nd period, and the start of the 3rd period.

These are the pictures from the High Five area from the Devil game last week. Next week, I'll be showing pictures from some of the other places we get assigned to take pictures.

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