Friday, March 25, 2011


Zach Brandham set out on a journey to find his girlfriend after the disasters in Japan. He walked 4 miles to the village and had to sneak in by pretending to be with emergency responders. After 20 hours of walking and with some help from luck, Brandham and his girlfriend were both safe and reunited.

As always after tragedies, there are stories of luck and survival. Zach Brandham not only survived the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, but set out on a 20 hour walk to make sure his girlfriend was safe. Once he walked the 4 miles to her village, he had to pull his hat over his face to try and blend in with a group of emergency responders in order to be allowed in. Once he was able to get in the village, he still needed to find exactly where she would be. After walking for 20 hours, he ran into people who knew where she was. He found her cutting up cloth to cover the bodies around her. Both stayed behind to help the people they taught English to.

CNN had a great interview with Zach Brandham in which he got to tell his story for himself

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