Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weeknight games

I'm going to apologize for the rant that is about to come. I just got back from tonight's Islander game against the Minnesota Wild and I had a little bit of a hard time. Espeically since this blog is about my internship, I figured it would be an acceptable place to talk about it.

It's become very clear that weeknight games are just not fun. At least not for someone trying to get pictures of the crowd. An outsider may ask why. Well, frankly anyone who knows the Islanders knows that they aren't a very popular team. Their recent success has brought some fans out of the woodwork, but the games have also mainly been on Friday or Saturday nights. People don't come out on weeknights. Unfortunately, that makes my job harder. Despite the smaller amount of fans at the game, I still need to take the same amount of pictures. Very frustrating.

I think that having to deal with difficult people at work is something that everyone can understand and relate to. The Fan Photo program has 4 interns, Amelia, Jeff, James and myself. Everyone gets along pretty well. Except for Jeff. To be honest, I don't know what grade he's in or how old he is. As far as I know, I'm the youngest of the bunch. But as James explains it to us, our problems with Jeff are from his lack of maturity. He just doesn't know what not to say or how to approach something.

During the President's Day game, I was walking the concourse going through my sections. I saw Jeff coming out of one of the sections I was assigned. I found it a little strange because I had seen Jeff earlier, and he asked where he was supposed to go and I told him. There was a good amount of people there that day because of the holiday, so I shook it off and didn't care much.

The next game against the Capitals, James and I were paired off because we didn't have enough cameras for all of us. While we were walking the concourse, Jeff stopped us multiple times asking why we were in his section. And did the same thing to James tonight. Apparently though, it's quite alright for him to go into my sections since he finished his. This caused a real problem for me tonight. I've said earlier how we are supposed to take at least 120 pictures. I had 87 at the time I found out that Jeff had already done my sections. So I decided the best thing to do would be to tell Sharon,my supervisor. She told me to just keep walking around.

Eventually after wandering around the Coliseum, I finally got an acceptable number of pictures and was done for the night. Hopefully Saturday and Sunday are better games.

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